King James Bible in your language

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I think that it is important to be able to read the bible in your mother tongue. Many people have english as their second language and then they have another mother tongue. I myself have found great spiritual help and quickening from reading in my mother tongue.

The problem is that most people cannot find a bible in their mother tongue that is not a modern versions bible. Modern versions bibles are not bibles. Dont even bother to read them. They are worthless or worse than worseless.

To find a king james bible in your mother tongue I recommend that you go to They have a section there with correct bibles in over 100 languages.

The correct bibles were created in the Philadelphia church age period (1500-1900). For example for swedish speaking people its Karl XII:s bibel.

If you have a mother tongue other than English please go and find your bible. If possible buy it as a paper bible and read it every day. If it is not available in the world as a paper bible, try to find it digitally and read it digitally. Dont miss the opportunity to read the real word of god in your mother tongue.